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Sávitryí Intimate Therapy

tantric sexual therapy and psychotherapy


Savitryi therapies are long-term deep healing processes. For your part, it is necessary to have the determination, motivation and stamina to undergo these therapies. You will get the best from us. We are the only ones in Slovakia who provide tantric therapies. We work together to heal your being's physical, emotional, mental and sexual levels.


How will therapy help you in your life?


  • you will get rid of your beams and blocks

  • you will understand what a man and a woman needs in sex and a relationship

  • you will understand your feelings and desires

  • you will sensitize your body and experience orgasms

  • as a man you will strengthen your stamina in love

  • you will begin to communicate your needs openly and set healthy boundaries

  • you build a healthy self-confidence

  • you will learn to maintain mutual sexual attraction in a relationship

  • your life will become happier overall


Dear Xenyie, I would like to thank you for your therapy with me. You are an amazing woman fully conscious and experienced. Everything you touch comes to life and nourishes. Thanks to you and the energy flowing through you, I can be the one I dared to be after your therapy today - wife and mother of a 4-month-old daughter. Thanks to your faith a sleeping woman awoke in me, who could come to life when the girl underwent treatment in her. Family relationships had improved. A man came to my life and now is the wonderful loving husband and caring father of our daughter. Thank you very much and I can only recommend you to women who need to come to life and also to those who would like to have a baby. Your energy is healing.

Alexandra, 27 years old

Tantric sex therapy

Therapeutic program.

Tantra touches on the strongest life energy, the sexual energy. We find healing aspects in it on many levels exactly for you.



  • support of your individual sexual energy - orgasm, erection, premature ejaculation

  • healing of your genitals - penis, vagina (yoni), prostate, G-spot, breasts

  • supply of new energy and removal of blocks that prevent you from an open experience of joy

  • loving acceptance of the imperfections of your own body

  • throwing away false shame and increasing self-confidence

  • emphasis on the values ​​of inner beauty and radiance

  • socially healthy behavior and finding one's own value

  • sharing intimacy in two and healing relationships


How meetings take place:

  • The meetings are dedicated to healing and restoring the cornerstones of your energetic body.

  • They also affect your darkness, thirteenth chambers, prohibitions and shame.

  • They anchor you in the physical body and in reality.

  • You will understand, and especially directly feel, the polarity of man-woman.

  • You will understand when and how energy flows between two individuals, or where it is blocked. And how you harmonize this polarity within yourself.


Meeting methodology:

It is individual, according to your intention:

  • psychotherapeutic or coaching consultation

  • tantra massage

  • breathing, movement, meditation techniques

  • Reiki, rituals, holotropic breathing and other techniques according to the development of meeting

In addition to these therapies, Zuzana Blašková (Freya) performs homeopathy to order.


Choose what you need right now:



    • consultation only

    • with the techniques and possibilities of Tantra sexual therapy

    • for individuals and couples (for the same price) 45 min. 39 €
      (If you opt for comprehensive therapy, the total price will be lower by € 39)



    • Tutorial + easy dating tantric treatment

    • for individuals 90 min. € 129


    • for 5 months

    • for individuals 6 x 120 min., total 720 min. for 714 € (at 119 €)

    • It is paid together before the first meeting


    • for individuals 1 x 120 min. € 139


Payment terms


  • Price according to your chosen therapy (see offer above)

  • Payment in advance before the first meeting

  • IBAN: SK25 8330 0000 0022 0119 1543

  • In the note: your name + the date of the first date you are applying for

Contact us for more information in English

or order directly

tantra terapia


Healing and nourishing comprehensive massage programs


Re-awaken life in your body. Current techniques of sex work with the body, shiatsu, reflexology enrich the basics of classical tantra. Comprehensive healing and revitalizing massage programs increasing the ability to accept oneself and experience one's own body.


Sávitryí VITALITY massage programs will increase your level of life energy for a long time, and thus your joy and zest for life will increase naturally and healthily. You get:







The offer of therapeutic massages you could find here

Contact us for more information in English

or order directly


Healing from trauma

we will help you overcome even the most difficult moments of your life


This very healing and liberating therapy will bring you:

  • getting rid of various forms of fears and phobias

  • understanding and treating your states of anxiety, negative beliefs or depression

  • overcoming past or current crisis situations in your life:
    divorce, separation, unemployment, illness, death, disability, addictions (alcohol, drugs ...)

  • processing feelings of shame and fear of rape, rejection, abandonment

  • healing of higher emotional and physical scars on the body and soul

  • remove blocks that prevent you from living a happy and fulfilling life

  • and other situations from your life


How meetings take place:

Therapeutic complex of 10 meetings for 8-12 months:

  • 8 meetings - tantra (massage / regression + psychotherapy)

  • 2 meetings - homeopathy (medicine + psychotherapy)

  • each meeting lasts 150 min

  • you will get all the necessary information at the Non-Binding Consultation



  • Non-binding consultation 45 min. 39 €
    (If you opt for therapy, the total price will be lower by € 39)

  • Therapeutic complex 10 meetings during 8-12 months 1500 min. € 999 (at € 99.90)

  • It is paid in advance before the first meeting.
    IBAN: SK25 8330 0000 0022 0119 1543
    VS: date of the first deadline for which you are applying
    To note: your name

Contact us for more information in English

or order directly

leceni traum

Gentle touch therapy

Take advantage of the therapeutic effects of touch, which have been known for thousands of years. In conjunction with the conscious use of your life energy
you will achieve the desired changes in your life. It does not contain private parts massage.


This gentle touch therapy will bring you:

  • harmonizing your body's energy centers (chakras)

  • fine-tuning your life energy

  • stimulating your taste for life

  • complete, kind and healing presence of the therapist

  • relaxation of your mind and body

  • and other options that we will TAILOR FOR YOU


How meetings take place:

  • During 7 meetings in the span of 5 months we gradually devote ourrselves with you to each chakra.

  • Each meeting contains 60 min. massage + 30 min. consultation

  • With gentle touches we balance your energy centers (chakras). You leave calmed, satisfied, rested. You will have a lighter body, an empty mind and more joy in life.

  • Therapeutic meetings take place in underwear and a sarong (big scarf), without a massage of private parts.



  • Non-binding consultation 45 min. 39 €

  • Therapeutic complex 7 meetings during 5 months 630 min. 420 € (at 60 €)

  • It is paid at once in advance before the first meeting.

  • You can also pay for individual sessions, the price for a session is then 75 €

  • IBAN: SK25 8330 0000 0022 0119 1543
    VS: date of the first deadline for which you are applying
    To note: your name


Contact us for more information in English

or order directly


I pass on my personal know-how, my life and practical experience during therapies, at workshops, at the Tantra Sávitryí massage school and at courses. Tantra is not an instant soup, it is a long process. If you are interested in quality tantric and sexological therapies, I will be happy to take you in depth. Under my supervision, it is a transformational tantric process designed for people who know what they want.


Xenyie, Tantra Teacher


"Dear Xenyia, I am writing to you about our meeting / therapy today. I would never expect that I could have experience like this. I still can't recover. What I've been through can't be described in words. As we know, my brain is struggling, trying to block those emotions and feelings. It doesn't want to move in the background. The brain wants to control everything, keep an eye on something. But today something has changed, I have moved, you have moved my brain, my reality to the other side and I have enjoyed your touches.

I used to preferred to hold back the pleasure, but this time I relaxed so much that I probably didn't even notice it ... I experienced something that can't be described. Excitement, such an unreal pulsation, routes as if I were cold ...

I want to thank you and most of all I glad to meet you. "


Ľubica, 34 years old

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