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SUMMER SCHOOL Tantra Savitryi  

is intended  individuals and couples, professionals and laymen




increase the flow of life energy

opening up creativity

increase performance at work

increase sexual attraction for the opposite sex


brightening the outlook on life

ability to rest

release at the present moment


“Dear indecisive, I had the honor to complete the school of tantra massage Sávitryí zero grade and the first, and if I had to decide whether to repeat it again, then definitely yes.  And do you know why? Because that knowledge, that knowledge, that meditation, that approach of a great teacher, it was far more and far beyond the subject of massage. Every single weekend was transformational. After zero, a lot of internal processes and readjustments started in me. Xenyia is a person who, when you are really looking for knowledge and light, can ignite it in you. As far as massage is concerned, it is a beautiful and pure tantra, deep, loving, exciting, which heals pain, injuries and blocks, and brings a beautiful experience. It is a comprehensive technique, complemented by her personal experience from many years of practice.  When I went to the unit, I already knew what was waiting for us there and I thought that nothing would surprise me anymore. And again, during meditations, whether at lunch or during the massage, things and emotions appeared that needed to be healed. Simply put, the Savitryi tantra school is really a school and the tantra here is really the philosophy of life and Xenyia with Marianka really is a teacher with a big heart, who create a safe and clean space for your personal transformation.  Thank you for a wonderful time. "  


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SUMMER SCHOOL Tantra Sávitryí FOR MEN AND WOMEN / ONLY WOMEN   0. + 1st degree

Tantra full body massage

with intimacy massage

Experience an unusual summer. 8 days in an environment of beautiful nature, in a pleasant and intimate atmosphere. Discover the magic of how strangers become close people. Exchange everyday stress for relaxation and spontaneity!

Tantra massage Sávitryí is based on the principles of classical tantra, meditation and conscious touch. Conscious loving touch has miraculous effects. It awakens vitality, love and joy. You will learn to touch the body so that the touch is pleasant, kind, exciting for both the caregiver and the caregiver. You will gradually get used to the naturalness of the body and nudity.



Bring new energy, creativity and attraction to your life. The Savitryi Tantra School is a way not only to master the process  and techniques, but above all their deep experience and journeys into one's own interior, as well as to the souls of others. Practicing true tantra brings change at all levels of man.

During  of this course 0. + 1st degree  you get the opportunity to learn practically the massage, which you will use at home for your loved ones or even in professional practice.  On  short  you will get a lot of practical and theoretical information. When they  You will start to enjoy many benefits in your life.

You will gradually develop and deepen the techniques of Tantric Savitryi massage. Tantric massage of the whole body, including lingam and yon massage (weakness of the man, penis, testicles, external intimacy of the woman - weakness, lips of the pubis). Continuation of teaching intimate female massage is in the 2nd grade. These are very sensitive areas and there is no rush. They will be in the process  to help guided meditation, Osho meditation, debriefing, Taoist and Ayurvedic techniques.

The school is designed  as a residence. You will arrive on a Friday afternoon, staying. Then the tutorial begins and the next one ends on Friday afternoon. Surely you want to get the best and highest quality education.  After years of experience with tantric courses, we know that in this way we will pass on the best of our knowledge to you.  


We create together  an energy of kindness and cooperation. Evenings together are important, where students talk and get to know each other. Also for us teachers, the teaching is more consistent when the group works on one wave. If you want to get to know our approach to tantra seriously, you need to step out of ordinary reality and immerse yourself in our  tantric.  

The course is over  examination and submission of a certificate by a masseur of the 1st degree Tantra Sávitryí (entitles to perform professional basic tantra massage Sávitryí).

In order to acquire advanced knowledge of male intimacy massage and general massage of female intimacy, it is necessary to complete the 2nd level of the Savitryi School . This will give you a 2nd degree certificate.


After completing the courses, new tantra masseurs can go through professional practice directly in the Tantra temple of Savitrya.  

If Sávitryí massage appeals to you, you can continue to the next stages of school, up to the therapist and lecturer .

Next free date:

​ 2. -9. 7. 2021 (women only)

23. - 30. 7. 2021 (men and women)


Muži a ženy

You can find the long version of the video HERE


The transformation starts with the login

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I transfer my personal know-how, my life and practical experience at workshops, at the Tantra Sávitryí massage school and at courses. And all this to learn, to understand, to feel, to survive requires your time, your own pace and patience.  Tantra is not an instant soup, it is a long process.   If you are interested in a quality tantric education, I will be happy to take you in depth.


In my submission, it is a transformational tantric process designed for people who know what they want. I do not teach only for the purpose of obtaining a certificate, nor do I teach superficial erotic massages.


Xenyie, Tantra Teacher

Tantric massage of Savitryi - harmonizes all components of the human being - physical, emotional, mental
and spiritual. It deals with all parts of the human body, including intimacy.

During this massage we work in meditation. We take care of the aura, chakras, meridians, marmas
and reflex points (also in the area of intimacy - very important points that no other massage deals with).

We relieve the body and soul of stress, we relax the mind
and we bring new knowledge about the possibilities of sexuality. We touch, caress, take care, pamper, excite.

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