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Enjoy the end of the year in an environment of beautiful nature.  Retreat a  winter solstice celebration 2020

"We are creating a place that will enrich your life on many levels."

Join the participants whose knowledge of tantra and Ayurveda has changed their lives in a positive way.

Enjoy the end of the year in an environment of beautiful nature, in a pleasant and intimate atmosphere. Retreat a
  celebrating the winter solstice is also an opportunity to meet like-minded people. Experience the magic of getting out of  strangers become close people. Exchange everyday stress for relaxation and  spontaneity!



  • Unusual meeting with  a celebration of the end of the year that will allow you to learn light tantric techniques, to experience the joy of  meditation, creation, experience a state of bliss and  authentic being.

  • The meeting is suitable for beginners as well  advanced, for individuals (men and women) i  couples!

  • The program is aimed at relaxing the body and  psyche. A combination of quiet and  active techniques and  meditation will relieve you of stress, pleasantly refresh you and  energetically encourage. We will continue to use this new energy creatively to heal ourselves, to promote health. Feelings of happiness and  joy, a more conscious perception of oneself and  your body will become your new part. You will simply enjoy being in  presence, with themselves.

  • Program a  experiences from  culminate in the celebration of the winter solstice in  Monday, December 21, 2020
    Those of  you, the participants of the retreat who are celebrating the solstice you want with  you are welcome, you are most welcome.

  • Let yourself open your energy and  fulfill your dreams and  vision.

  • The reward will be relaxation, joy, excitement, love, passion, freedom, acceptance, energy and art, from which you will be able to draw even  throughout the year 2021.


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