We guarantee quality, tradition and reliability since 2008. Your satisfaction with whole-body, loving and exhilarating massage is our joy.

How to book our services?
Please book via the e-mail tantra@savitri.cz , using contact form below or by mobile phone +421905343543
When you make an order, please, tell us your first name, type of the massage, the day and the preferred hour.

Is it possible to take a shower before and after the tantra massage?
Yes, the shower, shower gels, shampoo, bath towel, towel and hair dryer are available for you.

Are the masseuses naked during the tantra massage?
Yes, nude masseuses take care of you.

Have the masseuses treated pubic hair?
This depends on every masseuse, it will be a surprise for you.

Can I touch the masseuse?
No, our bodies aren’t available for your touch. Masseuses take care of you with great attention, trust and tenderness, please don’t violate this rule.

Is it possible to have sex with masseuse?
No, it is impossible. No oral sex or no vaginal sex available. Please, respect this strict rule. If you need sex, it is better for you to visit another place.

Can I ejaculate during the massage?
Yes, our tantra massage can be ended by ejaculation from the hands of the masseuse.

If I will ejaculate during the massage, is it possible to continue the massage?
Yes, we respect the client’s needs, it depends on his wish if he wants to continue or to finish the massage.

By which parts of her body the masseuse makes the massage?
Masseuses will touch and embrace you by their palms, arms, legs, breast and bottom. It depends on type of massage you will choose. The higher mutual trust and feeling of safety will arise between you and the masseuse (which means that you will respect forbidden touches), the more beautiful experience and deeper relaxation, which you will enjoy.

How long in advance and in which way is it necessary to order the tantra massage?
You can order the tantra massage by telephone or e-mail. If you know the date and time, which you wish to reserve, we recommend to order one or two days in advance.

Please order the massage for couples and four hands massage two or three days in advance. So that two masseuses would be available at the same time.

You can try to order 3 hour or less before your preferred time. But understand, we cannot make you sure, that we will be available so fast. Usually we are booked few days in advance.

We prefer to work without stress and push in calm and kind atmosphere. This quiet life style brings to you really the highest benefits of our professional tantra massage.

Can I choose a masseuse?
Yes, in that case we recommend that you order the massage two days in advance. To be sure, that she will be free for you.

Are there any special preparation necessary before the prostate massage?
It isn’t necessary because we perform the tantra massage in latex gloves, using the highest quality bio vegetable oil. You take a shower before the tantric massage.

May I pay by card?
Kindly pay by cash. Thanks

Our rules

Our massages do not involve any kind of sexual contact. You enjoy the feelings of your body and you are focused on yourself. If you need another experience, please, order yourself elsewhere.

If you make appointment, you agree with these rules.

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