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Savitryi massages are holistic experiential massages. They are a wonderful encounter in which you get to know your body better and in greater depth. Savitryi massages are full of loving touches and will ensure your relaxation on body and soul.


We are here for women, men, couples.


Warning: And if you are looking for sexual and erotic services, you are not in the right place!

Kind reminder:

Are you interested in our services, but currently unable to pay for them according to our terms?

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will find a solution together.



Choose the experience that suits you best

your personality and needs:

Sávitryí TANTRA massage


Whole-body relaxation and sensual massage, partially or completely naked, with or without intimacy massage (by agreement).



  • Sávitryí TRADITION: 60 - 120 min, price from € 160

  • Sávitryí BODY: 60 - 120 min, price from € 195

  • Sávitryí ENERGY: 120 / 180 min, price from € 250



In addition:

  • massage with 2 masseuses: price x 2

  • prostate / rosette massage: + 40 €


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Sávitryí VITALITY massage


Healing and nourishing complex massage programs will increase your level of life energy for a long time, which will naturally increase your joy and zest for life.


  • VENUS: a complex of 6 massages for women, 12 hours, price € 1200

  • SPARTAKUS: a complex of 6 massages for men,
    12 hours, price € 1200

  • BREAST AS A CENTER OF LOVE: a complex of 6 massages for women, 12 hours, price € 590


More about VITALITY massages >

Sávitryí RELAX massage


Loving care without intimacy massage.

We balance and harmonize your body and soul. Massages are in lingerie and sarong



  • CHAKRA HARMONY: 60 min, price  € 75

  • RELAXATION MASSAGE: 60 min, price € 75

  • BREAST AS A CENTER OF LOVE: a complex of 6 massages for women, 12 hours, price € 590



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for individuals and couples

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tantra of Savitry massage

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intimate and psychotherapy

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Can't choose? Contact us and we will be happy to advise you

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