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Tantra School of Savitryi  

is intended  individuals and couples, professionals and laymen




increase the flow of life energy

opening up creativity

increase performance at work

increase sexual attraction for the opposite sex


brightening the outlook on life

ability to rest

release at the present moment

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"I completed the 0th grade of Tantric massage in the Tantra temple of Savitrya with the unique master teacher Tantra Xenya, and I am so excited that I decided to complete the 1st grade. It is very difficult to describe in words. Those who have not experienced will probably not understand…"

Marian Almasi


The transformation starts with the login

You can find the long version of the video HERE

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I transfer my personal know-how, my life and practical experience at workshops, at the Tantra Sávitryí massage school and at courses. And all this to learn, to understand, to feel, to survive requires your time, your own pace and patience.  Tantra is not an instant soup, it is a long process.   If you are interested in a quality tantric education, I will be happy to take you in depth.


In my submission, it is a transformational tantric process designed for people who know what they want. I do not teach only for the purpose of obtaining a certificate, nor do I teach superficial erotic massages.


Xenyie, Tantra Teacher

Tantric massage of Savitryi - harmonizes all components of the human being - physical, emotional, mental
and spiritual. It deals with all parts of the human body, including intimacy.

During this massage we work in meditation. We take care of the aura, chakras, meridians, marmas
and reflex points (also in the area of intimacy - very important points that no other massage deals with).

We relieve the body and soul of stress, we relax the mind
and we bring new knowledge about the possibilities of sexuality. We touch, caress, take care, pamper, excite.

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