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NITRA MEDITATION - To be here and now in contentment and harmony

Suitable for women, men and couples. Even for beginners. 


Meditation can be understood as a connection with oneself. To be able to realize oneself, to be able to perceive the world deeper and more intensely and to find one's own essence. Being in the present moment, no matter what we do or do nothing.


Thanks to meditations with us, you will also learn how to manage stress, how to help yourself with simple and effective techniques in everyday life, to have fun, to strengthen male strength or to relax into female energy, ...


By regular meditation, you become mentally and physically more resilient and fit. The exceptional learning you gain in meetings requires time and patience. Time to absorb information. Time to do the techniques and realize how you feel about them. 


To get the most out of the cycle, we recommend that you attend all the meetings in your chosen cycle. We also support your decision with a discounted price. We reserve a place in advance for those who have paid for the entire cycle at once. In case of a vacancy, you can only attend one meeting.


You can find a list of current dates and topics on the website


  • 1. in person: handover  voucher or  drawing  services

    2. cash on delivery:  we will send the voucher

    3. another option (eg sending  voucher by email): write us your wish in a note

  • Contact us using the form in the footer of the website, by email or by phone. We will be happy to advise you.

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