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Pleasant and safe rest with relaxing elements of meditation


The massage takes place in underwear and a sarong (large scarf), without a massage of intimate areas. By regularly using the Relaxation program, you harmonize and heal your body and soul.
  • drink, acquaintance - this part is not part of the duration of the massage
  • relaxing greeting ritual
  • attunement to life energy
  • gentle, very pleasant massage of the whole body
  • aromatherapy with high quality doTERRA essences
  • final relaxation with a ritual


We use the elements of the massage individually and intuitively according to the person's mood. This means that each massage is unique, has a different course within the given procedures. This massage is very suitable during pregnancy.

For individuals: 60 min / 60 €
For couples: 60 min / 120 €
Our massages are not about any form of sexual contact. You enjoy the feelings of your body and you are focused only on yourself. If you need another experience, please book another place. If you order, you agree to these rules.

Relaxing massage ♀ ♀ ⚤, 60 min., Price € 60

  • 1. in person: handover  voucher or  drawing  services

    2. cash on delivery:  we will send the voucher

    3. another option (eg sending  voucher by email): write us your wish in a note

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