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There is no desire for climax . It is a pleasant experience of conscious touch, which we pass on with kindness and sensitivity. The climax may or may not occur .


The massage received in this way is a healing and joyful experience. Massage very suitable for you who lack intense touches, hugs, human physical closeness. The masseuse can provide you with all this during the massage with great kindness, understanding and respect.


By no means is it sexual intercourse and mutual massage. You receive and enjoy the feelings of your body and all the care that nourishes your body and soul. You don't massage. You respect the limits of the masseur. If you lack touch and want to improve your sexual relationship, come to our courses.

  • drink, dating, shower - this part is not part of the duration of the massage
  • tantric greeting ritual, attunement to life energy
  • massage by hands and body of a masseuse (does not massage you with its intimacy), very contact massage, in the nudity of your masseuse
  • intense touches, hugs, human physical closeness
  • you receive a massage, you relax and you are passive to the masseuse
  • full body massage
  • massage of intimate parts
  • the longer the massage you choose, the more experiences and new energy you will take away
  • climax may or may not occur
  • final relaxation with a ritual
  • shower
We use the elements of the massage individually and intuitively according to your mood. This means that each massage is unique, has a different course and within the given modern procedures.


Gift for a couple:

  • Sparkling wine and small snacks
  • 15 minutes of loving relaxation alone after the massage


Our Savitryi tantra massages are not about any form of sexual contact. You enjoy the feelings of your body and you are focused only on yourself. If you need another experience, please book another place. If you order, you agree to these rules.

Tantric massage BODY ♀ ♀ ⚤, 60 - 120min.

  • 1. in person: handover  voucher or  drawing  services

    2. cash on delivery:  we will send the voucher

    3. another option (eg sending  voucher by email): write us your wish in a note

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