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Tantric sex therapy​

Therapeutic cycle

Tantra touches on the strongest life energy, the sexual energy.

You will find healing aspects on it on many levels.


This therapy through the present experience will bring you:

  • support of your individual sexual energy - orgasm, erection, premature ejaculation

  • healing of your genitals - penis, vagina, prostate, point G, breasts

  • supply of new energy and removal of blocks that prevent you from an open experience of joy

  • loving acceptance of the imperfections of your own body

  • throwing away false shame and increasing self-confidence

  • emphasis on the values of inner beauty and radiance

  • socially healthy behavior and finding one's own value

  • sharing intimacy in two and healing relationships

How meetings take place:

Meetings  they are dedicated to healing and restoring the cornerstones of your energetic body. They also affect your darkness, thirteenth chambers, prohibitions and shame. They anchor you in the physical body and in reality.

You will understand, and especially directly feel, the polarity of man-woman, you will understand when and how energy flows between two individuals, or where it is blocked. And how you harmonize this polarity within yourself.


Meeting methodology:

It is individual according to your intention:

  • psychotherapeutic or coaching consultation

  • tantra massage

  • breathing, movement, meditation techniques

  • Reiki, rituals, holotropic breathing and other techniques according to the development of sitting

In addition to these therapies, Zuzana Blašková (Freya) - homeopathy - performs to order.


Choose what you need right now:


  • Introductory acquaintance  - consultation only - with the techniques and possibilities of Tantra sexual therapy
    for individuals and couples (for the same price)
        45 min.     39 €
    (If you opt for comprehensive therapy, the total price will be lower by € 39)

  • The gateway to Tantra sexual therapy  - consultation + light introductory tantric treatment
    for individuals
        90 min.     € 129

  • Comprehensive meetings of Tantra sexual therapy for 5 months
    for individuals
        6 x 120 min.,   total 720 min. for 714 € (at 119 €)
    It is paid together before the first meeting.


  • Individual meetings of Tantra sexual therapy
    for individuals
        1 x 120 min.     € 139


Payment terms


  • Price according to your chosen therapy (see offer above).

  • Payment in advance before the first meeting.

  • IBAN: SK25 8330 0000 0022 0119 1543

  • In the note: your name + the date of the first date you are applying for

  • See also Cancellation Policy  -


  • 1. in person: handover  voucher or  drawing  services

    2. cash on delivery:  we will send the voucher

    3. another option (eg sending  voucher by email): write us your wish in a note

  • Contact us using the form in the footer of the website, by email or by phone. We will be happy to advise you.

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