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Revitalization and harmonization of femininity by ancient tantric techniques i


A total of 12 hours of tantra massage in a comprehensive complex working for your benefit:
  • better body feeling
  • better experience of pleasure
  • deepening orgasmic abilities
  • survival of orgasm throughout the body
  • meeting the need for touch
  • consolidation of increased energy in the body
  • refinement of the perception of one's own sexuality
  • opening up to a better perception of the partner's needs
  • enrichment of partnerships
  • increase your overall vitality
  • encouragement of the body's self-healing processes
The program of Venus is composed so that your body creates and learns to process a high supply of sexual energy. The individual parts of the body are released to a greater depth with each massage. At the same time, they are nourished, revitalized and toned. The effects of individual massages are multiplied. Kundalini / sexual / life energy thus gains more space through which it can flow, refresh, revitalize and relax your whole body. The Venus program will increase your energy level in the long run, and this will naturally and healthily increase your joy and zest for life.
PROGRAM CONTENTS 6 tantra massages in a total length of 12 hours:
  • 1.5 hours massage - mutual attunement to the flow of life energy
  • 1.5 hours massage - acquaintance with breathing techniques
  • 2 hours massage - energization of the power center and the first encounter with the Orgasmic Yoga technique (Energetic Orgasm)
  • 2 hours massage - energizing the love center and deepening the technique Orgasmic Yoga (Energetic Orgasm)
  • 2 hours massage - energization of the center of consciousness and the first encounter with tantric meditation
  • 3 hours massage - anchoring of increased energy in the body using acquired tantric techniques


You will learn how to bring more consciousness and loving attention to the places that are the basis of life and your life energy and vitality. You will gain the ability to experience more and deeper, or also to release old blocks, tension and more open to love and joy.
Massages are tailored to your individual needs. At each meeting, there is a professional interview, where you communicate your preferences and the massage is compiled accordingly. When massaging, we ALWAYS respect your limits of intimate massage.
Xenya - therapist, teacher, masseuse - will guide you through your tantric transformation. We recommend an interval between massages of 2 to 4 weeks. The dates of the individual meetings will be arranged in advance so that you have enough free time for your unique tantric experience.
  • drink, interview, shower - this part is not part of the duration of the massage
  • tantric greeting ritual, attunement to life energy
  • hand and body massage, in your nudity and masseuse
  • preparatory relaxation part of the massage
  • the masseuse guides you through the techniques described above
  • full body massage
  • massage of intimate parts
  • orgasm may or may not occur
  • aromatherapy with high quality essences
  • final relaxation with a ritual
  • shower
  • 6 tantra massages in the total length of 12 hours is 990 €
  • the price is  due before the start of the program
  • This is the best price for 60 minutes. tantra massage, which is 82 euros. You will learn the technique of Orgasmic Yoga and use its benefits in your personal life. It will bring you a lot  pleasure.
  • See also Cancellation Policy  -
Our massages are not about any form of sexual contact. You enjoy the feelings of your body and you are focused only on yourself. If you need another experience, please book another place. If you order, you agree to these rules.


Vitality program VENUS (for women)

  • 1. in person: handover  voucher or  drawing  services

    2. cash on delivery:  we will send the voucher

    3. another option (eg sending  voucher by email): write us your wish in a note

  • Contact us using the form in the footer of the website, by email or by phone. We will be happy to advise you.

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