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This kind treatment only does it for youLucia.


The breast worship ritual with elements of tantra will allow you to feel feelings that you may not have even known you had. During it, you will experience a gentle massage of the whole body, relaxation of the head and neck, which are a great bridge to opening the heart and chest.


We will certainly devote ourselves to such ways that they will need at the given moment and with regard to your survival.


Unresolved emotions or long-forgotten memories can be washed away during a massage. A slow and gentle massage shows respect to the breasts, which we have forgotten somewhere in the course of our lives. Thanks to well-chosen touches, the breasts will be relaxed and harmonized after the massage. It is even possible that they will react differently to touch, be more exciting. 


Breasts are an important center for experiencing female sexuality. For maximum effect, it is ideal to repeat the massage.




  • drink, introductory interview, shower – this part is not part of the duration of the massage
  • chakra harmonization
  • gentle reflex foot massage
  • anti-stress massage of the back of the body
  • head release
  • breast massage in touch meditation
  • final relaxation with ritual


We use massage elements individually and intuitively according to the mood of the woman being treated. This means that each massage is unique and has a different course within the given traditional procedures. This massage is also very suitable during pregnancy.






BALÍČEK Breast veneration ritual with subsequent consultation


If you feel the call, you can also purchase a massage package with a subsequent consultation. In that case, you will treat yourself to the possibility of a subsequent consultation with a certain distance from the massage (ideally one to two weeks). The duration of the consultation is 30 minutes. 


During the consultation, we will continue with the massage together and return to what you experienced during it. You will have the opportunity to express your feelings about the massage and what happened after it.  After a joint reflection, you will receive recommendations for further work with sexuality and sensuality. Recommendations include exercises, meditations, or procedures that will help you on the path of discovering your own sexuality in a wider context. 


Package price

130 €




See alsoCancellation terms



Our massages do not involve any form of sexual contact. You enjoy the sensations of your body and are focused only on yourself. If you need a different experience, please book at a different location. If you order, you agree to these rules.


We accommodate you

Are you interested in our services, but currently unable to pay for them according to our terms and conditions? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will find a solution together.

Breast worship ritual with elements of Tantra

  • 1. in person: delivery voucher or drawing services

    2. cash on delivery: we will send a voucher

    3. another option (e.g. sending voucher by email): write us your wish in a note

  • Contact us using the form in the footer of the website, by email or by phone. We will be happy to advise you.

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